March Camp News

Greetings to All Asto Wamah Folk, Hope you are well and happy and have not been too bored with the non-winter weather we have had this year.

During the past month I have been pleased to receive so many camp applications from new and returning people.  Even though the July 22 to August 4 (all girls session) is full, there are still openings in coed, boys camp and the Aug. 5 to Aug. 18th  girls sessions.  Please talk camp up with your friends and neighbors and let them know that there are still places left.  The application is on the website and if someone wants a brochure just call me (860-649-8614) and I will mail them one.

Many staff from last summer will be back and the 2011 LTs will be joining them.  It is going to be a terrific group.  Plans are well underway for the summer program.   We truly hope that you will be with us.

We are clearly beginning to see signs of spring.  Although the road and paths, usually deep in mud, are dry, many trees appear close to blooming.  The lake has not yet returned to its summer level, but that will come soon. Spring is on its way and that means camp is not far behind!