February Camp News

Dear Friends of Asto Wamah, Camp is really coming alive now as the days grow longer.  On Sunday, Catherine, Chris and I were at a camp fair at REI in Blue Back Square.  We enjoyed meeting new families interested in sending their child (or children) to camp this summer and seeing so many familiar faces of campers, parents and staff who stopped by to visit.   It was a great afternoon.  It made us feel as if the new season is not far off.

The 2012 brochure/application will go in the mail first thing tomorrow morning.  That is always an exciting event.  You can expect to receive your copy by Friday.  I very much hope that Asto Wamah will fit into your summer schedule.  If you know of someone who would like to have a brochure you can contact me through the contact@campastowamah page on our website.  Thank you for being our word-of-mouth salesmen/saleswomen!

This month’s picture is of our new building.  It is a composting bathroom facility that will be divided into a boys’ side and a girls’ side and will increase our toilet capacity in an environmentally sensitive way.  Bathrooms are typically not exciting, but ours is  “green” with a waste management system that is eco- friendly. Each flush will use only a fraction of the amount of water normally used.  Over the next few months the plumber and electrician will be completing the project.  This facility will fill a need that we have had for many years.

Hope you are enjoying this milder than usual winter and looking forward to a warm and fun summer at Asto Wamah.