Rainy Field Day

For two-week sessions at camp, the second Sunday is always Field Day. The morning was a wash-out, so field events such as the long jump and 50 yard dash were postponed until the next day. Campers were still able to score points for their green or white team, though, while staying dry inside the lodge and activity room. The teams split up and went around to different Round Robin activities, trying to meet the objective of each one in the shortest time possible. At Basket Ball, they lined up at one side of the room and threw balls into baskets until the last ball made it in. At the Obstacle Course, the team had to hula-hoop 5 rotations, don a life jacket, balance a ping pong ball in a spoon while walking around a chair, then take off the life jacket and slap the hand of the next person. And at Number Line, the whole team climbed up on a long bench. Each person was given a number on their forehead, which everyone could see except themselves, and they had to rearrange themselves on the bench without talking. These activities required each team to work together, encourage teammates and listen to one another. In the afternoon we were able to hold the Indian War Relay Race, in which the entire Green Team is pitted against the White Team in an epic camp-wide race starting at the entrance of the Camp Road, stretching across Colombia lake with swimmers, boaters, and canoers, and ending with swimming the entire length from Pollywog to Main Dock. The Green Team canoers established a clear lead, which was maintained until they won the race. However, the White Team swimmer Madison still put up a good fight with her finishing leg, and even swam butterfly for almost the whole length. The points from the Round Robin, the Indian War Relay, and all of the jumping, running, and swimming events will be totaled up and the winning team will be announced at Campfire on Friday evening. Tonight instead of Evening Program, we will hold the Talent Show. I'm excited to see the skits, songs and dances that campers have been working on.

-the Birch Blogger