One Week Left

The first week of this girls session has been packed with fun. By now, most of the girls know everyone in their area (Hilltop, Lakeside or Seniors), and have established friendships. This morning we switched bunks so that campers who wanted to be on the top bunk would have a chance to try it out. So now the cabins are rearranged, and campers are getting used to their new bunkmates. Counselors had the final say in who goes where, sometimes to the disappointment of campers, because chatty bunkmates who couldn't resist the temptation to talk during rest hour or after bedtime were deliberately separated. But the switch also means that campers will hopefully make new friends during this last week. A few highlights from the past week:

Yesterday instead of Activity Period, we had a visitor who brought snakes, iguanas, and other reptiles. She explained about each one and even let some people touch them!

On Thursday night we changed our bedtime routine. After brushing teeth and changing into pajamas, everyone headed to the A-field with their flashlight and a towel. Grouped by cabin, we spread out the towels, laid down, turned off our flashlights, and looked up at the sky. At first it was too light to see anything except for a few bats flying by, and bright-shining Venus. Then, one by one the stars appeared. There were a few clouds, so the sky didn't fill with as many stars as we'd hoped. But some lucky campers got to see a shooting star. I wonder if any wishes will come true.

We've played a number of great games for Evening Program, including King Dodge Ball, Capture the Flag, Spies and Smugglers, Pirate Gang, and Murder By Night, in which campers group up and have to talk to counselors and get clues to figure out which counselor was responsible for the murder of Kevin, and what was the murder weapon.

Today an announcement was made about Talent Night, which will be held on Tuesday. Some of the girls have already started planning skits and dances. With such an energetic and creative group of girls this session, we're all eager to see what talent emerges.

-the Birch Blogger