July 29th

Happy Wednesday! Today was a scorcher here at the lake! We spent as much time as possible in the water, and made sure that everyone was staying hydrated. Breakfast this morning was cinnamon bread, oatmeal, and cereal. During first period we had our Frog Island Swim! Frog Island is a shallow section of the lake about 400 meters from camp, where boaters can visit during class and swimmers can go once a session. The swim is offered to our level 6 and superstar swimmers as they are the most advanced and experienced.  Groups of 3 or 4 go together and are accompanied by a counselor in a rowboat. Once at Frog Island, each camper can choose a rock to bring back in the boat to have as a keepsake of their successful swim! This session we had 14 amazing girls swim, and all of them signed their names into our Frog Island Book which dates back to 1997.

Lunch today was lasagna and salad, with apple turnovers for dessert. Cabins tried to stay cool during rest hour with fans, but everyone was more than excited to get in the water for general swim. Fourth period sports was held in the water too instead of going up to the field. Activities offered today included yoga, volleyball, aquarium games, tower, and badminton.

Since Wednesday's are the kitchen staffs night out, we enjoyed another Eat Out! Cabins had sandwiches outside with cookies and bananas for dessert. Because of the heat, our evening program tonight will be another general swim! It will be nice to get cooled off before bed.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.