Tuesday July 28th

Happy Tuesday BirchBlog readers! Breakfast this morning was cornbread with cereal. After cabin clean up and camp duties, everyone was excited to get to their first period classes. It was a very hot day, so all the campers were happy to get in the water for swimming lessons. It wasn't too windy today, so the sailors practiced their capsizing skills. Lunch this afternoon was pork chops with rice, applesauce and carrots and for dessert we had pears. After rest hour and general swim, everyone headed to fourth period, followed by a very exciting activity period. Options today included jumping off the tower, paddle boarding, aquarium games and badminton.

Dinner this evening was meatball grinders with chips, pickles, and carrots. Campers had the option of brownies or vanilla pudding for dessert. Now, all the girls are back at their cabin putting on their sneakers for tonight's evening program. We will be up on the field playing King Dodge.

Everyone has been busy today complimenting and gifting their secret sister! All the girls are looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow morning. Stay tuned to hear how it goes!