Friday July 31st

Pick up tomorrow (Saturday) morning from 8:30am - 10:00am! It has been a very eventful last two days of camp! Yesterday evening was our special banquet night. The office laptop was up in the lodge for the slideshow of photos we show at the banquet. So, blogging had to wait a day! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yesterday we had bagels and cereal for breakfast. It was a warm and sunny morning for classes on the lake. We had a lighter lunch of tuna, egg salad or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in anticipation of our big turkey dinner for banquet. There was a threat of rain in the afternoon, so we held activity period up in the lodge. All of the counselors picked a game and the girls gathered around the table of their choice. We had catch phrase, apples to apples, uno, puzzles and bracelet making.

At 6:30pm, the bell rang for banquet. All of the girls gathered in the lodge dressed in their clean green and white. We enjoyed a thanksgiving style of meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce and gravy. My favorite part of banquet is dessert - ice cream! Afterwards, the emcees of the evening led the group in some favorite camp songs. We then watched a fun slideshow of photos taken during the past two weeks. We then hand out the Birch Barker - the camp newsletter that is made up of camper submissions. At that point in the evening, Nancy comes up and gives out year awards. Every girl is given a token to recognize her years at camp. The night closes with the candlelight service.

Today, everyone was very excited to show off their skills during their last classes. We started the morning with chocolate chip bread and cereal. Then, everyone went back to their cabin to do some cleaning for the last day of inspection. At swimming and boating today, everyone had their last chance to check off their skills. At the end of class, the girls found out if they improved enough to pass to the next swimming or boating level. In arts and crafts, everyone finished up their projects and worked on picture frames to hold the cabin photo they will be able to get tomorrow on their way out of camp.

Lunch this afternoon was Texas casserole (a baked mix of rice, ground beef, and tomatoes) served with salad and fruit pops for dessert. After fourth period, activity period offerings were yoga on the dock, sailing on the Hunter, jumping off the tower and paddle boarding.

Dinner this evening was chicken melts with carrots and apple sauce. We had everyone's favorite dessert - chocolate pudding pie! After dinner, everyone went back to their cabin to clear off their clotheslines and pack up their closets and shelves. Now, everyone is gathered at the Council Ring at our closing campfire. We are all singing songs, eating s'mores and receiving awards for boating, swimming, archery and track meet!

We have had such a great session with this group of girls! We will be sad to see them go tomorrow. We wish all of you an amazing rest of your summer and a very successful school year! Pick up tomorrow will be from  8:30am to 10 :00am.

Only one more session to go for 2015!