Wednesday July 1st

It has been a beautiful day on Columbia Lake. Fortunately, the rain only hit us very early in the morning so we were able to hold our normal schedule. After a yummy breakfast of chocolate chip bread, campers worked hard to clean their cabins and fulfill their duties around camp. During the morning classes, campers had a chance to improve their swimming strokes, paddle and row boats and canoes and make bead animals and friendship bracelets. It was too wet on the field for a normal sports class so we held that class in the upper lodge and Drew hosted some fun indoor games. Lunch was ziti and pasta. After a relaxing rest hour, we had perfect weather for a general swim and everyone went in and enjoyed the water. After 4th period, campers went sailing on the Hunter, played soccer on the A Field and those in level 4 swimming and above went for some jumps off the tower. Tonight is the kitchen staff's night off. Counselors took sandwich orders from all the campers and tonight we will eat out picnic style. Each cabin will choose a spot somewhere around camp. Some will sit on a dock or raft and others will venture out to a campsite in the woods. It looks like it will be a clear evening for a fun outdoor evening program! Can't believe there's only two more days! Best,

Maddy, Cabin 6