Camp Updates

Welcome to the first Birch Blog for the 2015 camp season! Our first session is off to a great start. Unfortunately, Sunday was unusually chilly. We made the best of the weather, but we couldn’t stick to our usual first day program. Instead of classifying our new campers into their swimming levels, we gathered inside the lodge to meet the staff and learn about some camp rules. After some ice breakers and tours with our cabins, we had our traditional first night of camp meal – hotdogs, baked beans and chips, followed by yummy brownies! The field was too wet to play a game outside, so we broke up into cabin sections – hilltop (girls), lakeside (younger boys), and seniors (older boys), and played a game that showed off everyone’s individual talents called “skills challenge.”

Monday was a bit nicer but still not as hot and sunny as we prefer. Right after breakfast (cinnamon rolls and cereal) and cabin cleanup/camp duties we got all the new campers in the water to test out their swimming skills. Following that, we went through our normal morning schedule. All three sections of camp rotate through swimming, boating, sports and arts and crafts. After lunch, it still wasn’t too warm so those who wanted to go in for “General Swim” had the option and everyone else played some getting-to-know-you games on the field. After General Swim, we had our first Activity Period! Campers had the option to go on a sunfish sailboat, play soccer on the field, or go jumping off the tower on White Raft. After dinner, we played our usual first night game on the field – Medical War (a dodgeball game). Everyone loved the competition and we finished the night with a snack of animal crackers.

Today we finally got the nice sunny weather we were waiting for! We started our day with flag raising, Chicken Fat (our morning exercise routine), and a breakfast of bagels, cereal, and oatmeal. Sports classes played their traditional first day game of Nuke ‘em, boaters and swimmers had great weather to work on their skills, and many beaded geckos were made during Arts and Crafts! Lunch was ham and noodles with delicious apple turnovers for dessert. After a relaxing rest hour, everyone went down to the waterfront to go in for General Swim. Activities offered today included a nature walk, jumping off the tower, and going for a ride on the Hunter (camp’s largest sailboat). It was a beautiful afternoon to enjoy our activities both on and off the water. Following flag lowering we enjoyed a great supper of tacos, carrots, and chips with cherry cake for dessert!

Now it’s off to evening program – a camp-wide game of capture the flag!

Until next time,

Maddy, Cabin 6

Maggie, Cabin 2