June Update

Dear Friends of Asto Wamah, June is finally here! That means that within the next 4 weeks, Asto Wamah will be in full swing for its 106th season.

We hope you are registered and looking forward to a week, two-weeks, or more at CAW, meeting new friends, experiencing new challenges and developing new appreciations and understandings.

The good news is that if you are not already registered there is still time to sign up and be a part of this enthusiastic and welcoming community. Applications can be downloaded from the website or call me at 860-649-8614 to learn of availability. If you are registered and have a friend who might enjoy our program, please invite him/her to come.

With each passing day, the grounds and buildings are becoming more and more ready for your arrival. The lake level is already unusually high. At this time, the LTs and Staff have completed CPR training along with First Aid. New supplies and equipment for all program areas are arriving daily. The 2015 shirts are here. They are long sleeved, black with a turquoise design featuring the white raft and tower. Delaney Reimers came up with the design and I am confident it will be popular.

Very soon, the storeroom, refrigerators and freezer will be bursting with food. The kitchen will be poised for action. Just before Coed begins, the staff will arrive for Staff Training. Then all that will be left will be the campers’ arrival.

Hoping you will be a part of the 2015 season of fun and adventure!