Thursday July 2nd

It has been another typical day at Camp Asto Wamah. Breakfast this morning was cornbread with cereal and orange slices. After a normal morning schedule, campers gathered in the upper lodge for chicken tenders, rice, corn and salad. Dessert was a special cold treat - berry or orange juice bars. Activity period options were Aquarium swimming games, the ever-popular jumping off the tower, fishing and row boating. All the campers either chose an activity or entertained themselves with games in the cabin. Dinner tonight will be meatball grinders and potato chips. Right now, cookees are busy setting the tables for supper. The campers don't know yet, but tonight we are playing a camp-favorite game, Pirate Gangs. The camp will be split up into two teams and battle each other with guns (flour filled clothes) and search for a hidden treasure. It will be a ton of fun! Check back in tomorrow for some more updates. Best,

Maddy, Cabin 6

Maggie, Cabin 2