October Update

Dear Friends of Asto Wamah,Now that fall is officially here, the camp environment is taking on a new look. To begin with, the woods are thinning out as low growing plants are losing their leaves, making it much easier to ‘see’ into the forest. There is some color around Columbia Lake, but overall, the predominate color is still green. The dam has not been opened yet (Wednesday is the appointed day) however the lake is definitely lower than it was all summer. Next month I will send pictures that will show a very different lake than we were use to during the summer. We have prepared for this new season by bringing in the small craft. Boats, canoes, sailboats and stand-up paddleboard are all safely stored away until next June. The White Raft is tied to Little Dipper and the Gray Raft is next to Polly Wog Dock. Hopefully the pictures I took will help you visualize the waterfront as it is now. I don’t know whether you will be able to make out the heron sitting on the boat buoy but I thought you, who were interested in this very large bird that visited us many times this summer, would be pleased to know it is still present. Many off-season projects are underway. Cabin 4 is in the process of being painted. Soon all the Lakeside cabins will have freshly painted floors. Major renovations are taking place at the Lean-to. A new roof and an overall sprucing-up will make it a more inviting destination next summer. There is never a dull moment or a lack of tasks to be tackled. Hope your life is full of happy activity, engaging friendships, success in school and those still fond memories of your time at Asto Wamah. Always, Nancy