Talented Tuesday!!

Welcome Back Birch Blog Followers! Today was a breezy and cool day on Columbia Lake. The campers woke this misty morning and gathered around the flagpole to do our flag raising and "chicken fat". They then ventured indoors to fuel up for another busy day at Asto Wamah. Breakfast was wonderful waffles with peanut butter, maple syrup, or cereal with nectarines. The morning proceeded as usual with camp duties and morning classes. The campers are all working diligently to get their crafts to completion and to nail certain skills in their boating and swimming classes. The dinner today was  a camp favorite, Shepherds Pie ( ground beef, corn, and potatoes) baked in the oven to warm the campers' bellies. The dessert was also a camper/counselor favorite, C.P.P. (chocolate pudding pie). After a fabulous meal, campers enjoyed a longer rest hour to catch up on zzzz's. Due to how cool it was on Columbia Lake, we played a game on the field instead of going into the lake for a general swim. The game called, "All Around Town", is  a kind of camp-wide kickball game. The offense team kicks the ball to the opposing team and then the kicker has to run around their own team ( all lined up) as many times as possible to get points. The opposing team fields the ball, line up, and throw the ball through the legs of everyone on the team. Once the ball makes it all the way through the legs of the fielding team, the kicker has to stop running. The white team won the game!! Hooray!

The rest of the day went according to normal schedule although many campers used activity period to get their skits/talent show acts together by making props and doing dress rehearsals. The supper tonight was chicken fajitas with applesauce, carrots, cucumbers, and chips. Dessert was a refreshing lemon cake. The campers gathered in the upper lodge for talent night around 7:30. This session is full of talented campers! We had several comical cabin skits, beautifully soloists, fabulous musicians, and graceful dancers. It was one of the best shows i've seen at Wamah!! The campers will get an extra half hour of rest tomorrow so that they be energized for this final stretch of camp.

That's all for now followers!

-The Birch Blogger