Monday Funday!!!

Welcome back birch blog followers!! Campers awoke this morning to the aroma of cornbread baking in Sue's oven! We met around the breakfast table shortly after 7:30am(8am real time)  to dine upon the cornbread, nectarines, and cereal. Then campers briskly went back to their cabins to clean and get ready for their morning classes. Today in sports classes, campers had the opportunity to try out various elements in our Ropes Course! Several campers got to rope swing or try to balance on our 'whale watch'. The swimmers participated in a butterfly clinic, where they practiced several drills to help them get the tricky rhythm of butterfly down. The boaters are still perfecting their skills and working hard to try and pass into the higher level by the end of this week.

The noontime meal , dinner(lunch) was a hearty feast of Texas Hash ( ground beef, rice, tomatoes, peppers), bread, and salad. Following this was a dessert of vanilla pudding! YUMMY! The rest hour brought with it, clouds, small showers, and a bit of wind so instead of going in for a general swim the campers enjoyed a game of non-stop cricket. Campers next proceeded back to their normal schedule of fourth period and activity period. Activities offered today were the tower (the rain stopped in time:) , badminton, sailing, and working on their arts and crafts projects. Most of the girls decided to forgo activities in order to run skits, songs, dances, or their talents in preparation for talent show tomorrow night! I am SO excited, the acts sound really entertaining. I will report on it tomorrow night :)

Today's inspection winners were cabins 2,5, and 8. Supper (dinner) was a round of steak sandwiches with cheese/peppers, applesauce, carrots/cucumbers, and a special orange cake for dessert! As I type away, campers are on the A-field, playing a camp favorite, King Dodge. Campers try to get out players on the other team in traditional dodgeball style but when a camper gets out they go to jail. Once in jail, if a camper gets hold of another dodgeball, they can try to hit unaware campers on the opposite team to get back in the game.

Tonight we will all sleep well after such an exciting and active day!!! See you on Tuesday followers!

-The Birch Blogger