Track Meet!!

Today was an exciting day at Camp Asto Wamah. Instead of going to the usual morning classes, campers went to the A-field for a day of running, jumping, and throwing. Split into teams of Green and White, campers competed against other campers in their area (hilltop, lakeside, seniors) in the running long jump, standing long jump, softball throw, and 50-yard dash. By lunchtime, everyone was good and hungry for a hearty meal of noodles, ham, corn, bread, and fruit. After lunch, we had our usual Rest Hour, followed by another track event--the "marathon!" The marathon starts on the A-field and continues down the camp road and past the lodge, finishing in front of Cabin 5. The marathon is an optional event, but quite a few runners showed up for the challenge! Those not running formed a line at the finish to cheer on their friends.

When the last marathon runners had finished, it was time for the Indian War Relay. This relay goes through all of camp, starting with 2 runners at the top of the camp road. The baton is passed along down the camp road and is then handed to boats, more runners, and finally, swimmers. White Team won in an exciting finish. It was a hot day, and the general swim that followed the relay was a welcome way to cool off from the day's activities.

Before supper, we had activity period. Campers jumped off the tower, played Nuke 'Em on the A-field, participated in swim races, and had their hair braided or wrapped. Supper was hamburgers, carrots, and chips, followed by a delicious dessert of green and white cake!

As I write, campers are getting ready to play Pirates--a camp favorite--for evening program. The game involves winning battles to collect others' "guns" (rags filled with flour) and looking for treasure in the woods. It is sure to be a fun game!