Beautiful Wednesday!

It was a beautiful Wednesday here on Columbia Lake! We had a normal camp schedule today. For breakfast we had waffles, which many campers put peanut butter on - an Asto Wamah tradition, then ravioli and farm fresh salad for lunch, and for dinner each cabin had a different picnic spot around camp. Some of the cabins were on different docks, at the A-field, and at the council ring.

Classes have been going very well! The arts and crafts classes are making many different types of bracelets, ceramic animals, pillows, and a few girls are learning how to cross-stitch. During sports today there was a big game of kickball while a few of the girls played Kan-Jam, a fun Frisbee game. There has already been so much improvement already in the swim and boating classes.

There were many fun activities offered by the counselors during activity period today. Campers were jumping off the tower, boating on the lake, playing aquarium games, running around the A-field playing soccer, and more!

Now the campers are getting their sneakers on and will soon head to the A-field for evening program. Tonight we are playing Tri-Ad, a fun soccer games with not one but three soccer balls, and three goals. There is a ton of running around and lots of balls flying around. It is a fun game and really involves all of the campers, making sure everyone is running around and having fun.

Every night, after evening program, the counselor's lead a few songs while snack is passed out and then one or two counselors will give vespers. Our vespers includes a skit or story involving morals that the campers are learning throughout their time her. Examples of the different vespers include Making the most of camp, Remember the other fellow, Conserving the environment, and being respectful. Last night we saw a fun skit about a beautiful flower and remembering to keep enjoy, not destroy the nature around us.

That's all for now!

~ The Birch Blogger