Today was another great day here at camp! After gathering around the flagpole for flag raising and Chicken Fat – our daily morning exercise – we went up to the lodge for breakfast. This morning we were treated to bagels (plain and cinnamon raisin) and cereal.  There was also the option of yogurt and plums as a side. Lunch was chicken parmesan with pasta, and then blue raspberry sorbet for dessert. For dinner, we had tacos, followed by delicious apple crisp for dessert!

This morning we had all of our regularly scheduled classes, boating, swimming, arts and crafts and sports. And this afternoon everyone enjoyed the rest hour break and the general swim that followed. Fourth period had campers at whichever class they didn’t have this morning (hilltop at sports, lakeside in boating, and seniors in arts and crafts).

Activity period allowed campers to jump off the tower, participate in a cannonball/diving competition, Can-Jam, volleyball and paddle boards. During dinner we experienced a bit of rain, which means that evening program will be indoors tonight. We will be doing a Minute-to-Win-It style program. As the name suggests, campers will have a minute to complete silly, but difficult tasks. They will be competing as a cabin in an attempt to complete the task the fastest.

Following evening program we will begin Secret Sister. As those of you who had campers here last session know, all of the girls love Secret Sister. Everyone in camp selects a name out of a bucket; this person is their Secret Sister. They will then have a few days to do random acts of kindness, and get to know their “sister.” We hope that it is someone that they do not already know, because meeting new people and making new friends is what camp is all about.


Until next time,

-The Birch Blogger