Tremendous Tuesday!!

Hello Birch Bloggers! Today was another beautiful day at camp. Breakfast was corn bread and oatmeal, for lunch we had Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes with chocolate pudding for dessert, and for dinner we had chicken patties and then cheesecake for dessert.

The warm weather made it the perfect day to be on the lake. Everyone was eager to get in the water for both swimming classes and general swim. All boating classes were able to go out on the lake as well. In arts and crafts, campers continued projects they began yesterday, and in sports, they played a game on the A-field.

Activity period had many kids out on the lake in boats and canoes. Counselors also offered activities such as jumping off the tower, paddle boarding, water aerobics, and aquarium games. If they didn't want to go in the water, campers had the option of playing games like Can-Jam, tetherball, and nock-hockey.

Tonight we will be playing a camp favorite, Capture the Flag, for evening program. Following evening program we are planning on having a quick dip. This gives everyone the opportunity to jump in the lake and cool off after running around all evening. We hope that all campers will take advantage of this, and jump in and cool down. Capture the Flag will tire everyone out, so they will be ready for bed and have a good night's sleep.

-The Birch Blogger


FYI: Many of you have been asking about pictures taken throughout the session, and when they will be posted on the website. Pictures from the 2014 Asto Wamah season will not be posted until the end of August.