Fabulous First Day!

Hello Birch Bloggers! Today was a fabulous first full day of camp here at Asto Wamah! We started off the day with blueberry bread and cereal for breakfast, which was followed by cabin cleanup time. Once the cabins and camp were all set for the day, we were off to first period! Hilltop went to arts and crafts, lakeside went to swimming, and seniors went to sports. They went from first, to second and then finally third period before having a bit of down time during counselor swim.

For lunch we had baked ziti and then mixed fruit for dessert. Lunch was followed by rest hour and then a general swim. Fourth period was moved indoors, due to the rain, but it did not put a stop to the fun. Boating classes learned parts of the boats and sports class played our new game, Same or Die.

Counselors offered board games in the upper lodge for activity period, so campers played games like Scrabble, Uno and Cards. Dinner was a delicious meal of chicken melt and then orange cake for dessert.  Tonight evening program will be held in the upper lodge. There will be a series of mini getting-to-know-you type games including counselor trivia and “How Do We Differ.” Overall today was a very successful first day of camp, and the session is off to a great start!

-The Birch Blogger