Fun Filled Thursday!

What a great day at Camp Asto Wamah! Today we had English muffins for breakfast, some Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes for lunch, and chicken patties for dinner with Sue’s famous cheese cake for dessert, YUM!

The classes went off without a hitch as usual! Since today wasn’t windy the sailboats practiced capsizing. Instructors flipped the sunfish upside down, then two or three campers worked together to flip it right side up. This is a very important skill for every sailor in order to be prepared for any sailing situation. The kids had fun holding onto the daggerboard and using their body weight to flip the boat around. Canoeing and row boating classes also enjoyed a break from fighting against the wind. A few classes rowed or paddled out to Frog Island, a sandbar in the middle of Columbia Lake. Swimming classes improved their strokes, and a few higher-level classes learned some important life-guarding skills like “Reach and Throw, Don’t Go,” “Think so you don’t Sink,” and how to help someone with a head, neck, or back injury.

The game for evening program tonight is Spies and Smugglers. Smugglers are given a piece of paper that has an amount of points on it, they will hide it in their pockets, shoes, bandanas, etc, and try to run up to the A-field. It is the Spies job to stop and tag the smugglers, to prevent them from getting points up to the A-field; spies get three guesses to try and find the piece of paper and if they guess incorrectly the smuggler gets to run free, until he runs into the next spy at least…

Since the game involved a lot of running around, the campers will have an opportunity to go in for a Quick-Dip, a quick jump in the lake to get rid of the sweat and dirt, and to cool off right before bed.

That’s all for now!

- The Birch Blogger