A Terrific Tuesday at Asto Wamah

Hello again Birch Bloggers, We've had a great Tuesday here at camp! The second full day of camp is always lots of fun because the staff is all done giving directions so there is plenty of time for swimming, boating, arts and crafts, and sports!

The day began with a delicious serving of blueberry bread, cereal, and tasty hot chocolate. After cabin cleanup and camp duties campers ran off to their classes. No one minded jumping into lake for swimming class since it was so warm outside. Sports classes played a big game of kickball while campers in their arts and crafts classes got to choose between making survival bracelets, clay, pillows, or baskets with Carol. Boaters were happy that the wind died down from yesterday so it was much easier to row around the lake.

By the time we got to rest-hour I think that most of the boys were ready for a break from running around and enjoyed the time in their cabins. There were some great activities offered for activity period including jumping off the tower, aquarium games, nuk'em, soccer, and volleyball.

Everyone is currently all done with dinner, tasty grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. Now campers are running around playing tether-ball, ping-pong, horse shoes, and getting ready to head up to the A-field. We're going to have a quick game of triad, a soccer game with three balls and three goals. Then after running around everyone will go down to the lake for a nice general swim. It will be a great way to cool off after running around.

That about wraps it up for our Tuesday here at camp!

- The Birch Blogger

P.S. Parents of co-ed campers, there will be a survey on our website soon for your evaluations of camp this year. Please keep an eye out for it, we would love to hear your feedback!