Fantastic Friday!

Hello again Birch Bloggers! Today was yet another fun-filled day here at Camp Asto Wamah. We had cinnamon bread and cereal for breakfast, chicken tenders for lunch, and tacos for dinner. Tonight’s dessert was apple crisp with whipped cream topping, one of our favorites! When the sun was out it was pretty hot, so it was the perfect day to be on the water. Swimming during both classes and general swim gave the kids a chance to cool down after running around during sports or rowing during boating. All this time spent outside makes rest hour a great opportunity to have a little peace and quiet. Rest hour also lets the campers recharge before heading to things like activity where they are running around yet again. Today we offered activities such as Frisbee golf, jumping off the tower, nuk’em, soccer and more! If they choose not to go to an activity, many campers can be found gathered around the tetherball pole, on fishing docks, or out in a boat.

Today is Friday, which means that we are almost at track and field day (Sunday)! This is a camp tradition where camp is split into green and white teams and the campers compete in track events. The captains for the green and white teams were picked after lunch; these are people who are both great leaders and full of energy. These green and white teams will come in handy for tonight’s evening program. The bell just rang which means everyone is heading up to the A-field for Pirate Gangs. This is a favorite amongst the boys because they get to run all around camp pretending to be pirates. Each person is given a sack of flour which is they can attack their opponents with. In addition to this there are two green jugs, which act as “treasure” hidden somewhere around camp. If it is found, the points awarded for finding the treasure usually determine the winning team.

This game is sure to have everyone running up and down camp throughout the evening, so (hopefully!) we will all be exhausted when it’s time for bed. We hope you have enjoyed reading the blog, so be sure to check back tomorrow!

-The Birch Blogger