December Update

Greetings to Asto Wamah Friends, Well December has arrived with the predicted cold weather and expected short days.  Hope this new month finds you well and happily awaiting the exciting events December traditionally brings.

Asto Wamah is looking rather stark with bare trees and the ground covered in a deep layer of crunchy leaves.  The pictures posted this month focus on Columbia Lake.  Some of you may not realize that the level of the lake is lowered each winter.  One reason for doing this is to keep docks (and rafts) safe from ice.  It also provided landowners the opportunity to repair and rebuild their docks.  It additionally allows for a turnover of water that keeps the lake clean and healthy.  I think you will agree that the waterfront area is barely recognizable.

December is the month when we have a Camp Reunion where campers and staff from the previous summer have a chance to get together to reconnect and have fun.  You will soon be receiving an invitation.  It takes place on Dec. 26th from 2 to 4 at Center Church House, 60 Gold Street in Hartford.  Hope the Camp Reunion will fit into your schedule.  The more the merrier!  RSVP online at

This is also the time of year when we ask you to let us know of friends, neighbors, siblings or other relatives who might enjoy a session at Asto Wamah in 2014.  Spreading the word about Asto Wamah helps camp to remain strong and successful.  Thank you for your assistance.

Hope December is a great month for you.  See you on the 26th.

Wishing each camp family the joy of this magical season and a New Year of peace.


Dec13swimarea Dec13-7&8 Dec.13view-of-shore