November Update

Dear Wamahites, November has arrived and I hope you are well and happily anticipating the approaching season of holidays.

The landscape throughout CT is changing by the day.  I took the attached picture of the Camp Road on Oct. 20th because it looked so beautiful, covered in colorful leaves and lined with brilliant fall foliage.  I also knew that in a matter of days, the scene would be less lovely as the trees would become more bare and stark.  It happened just as I knew it would.  Hope you enjoy this fall view down the Camp Road.


Today, November 1st is the day that the dam is opened on Columbia Lake (sorry, I mistakenly reported earlier that the opening of the dam would be Oct. 15th). Soon the water will recede to its winter level.  The rafts have been fastened to the Pollywog Dock and Little Dipper since Labor Day, bobbing and rolling.  Once they are sitting on the floor of the lake it will be possible to work on the docks and shoreline without getting wet.

Many maintenance projects have been keeping us busy during the exceptionally fine month of October.  Hilltop cabins are painted, as are their floors.  The Store also has been spiffed up with a new coat of stain.  The water has just been drained from all buildings and pipes to hopefully avoid free-ups and broken pipes during the winter.

In a few days, a postcard will be sent to each camper’s home with the dates and fees for the 2014 season.  If by the end of the week you have not received it, let me know so that I can get that information to you.  I know that many families are already planning ahead for summer, working to fit in vacation times as well as a session at Asto Wamah.

I am looking ahead to the Camp Reunion that will take place on Dec. 26th from 2:00 to 4:00 at Center Church House in Hartford.  You will receive an invitation and more information in early Dec.  In the meantime, save the date if you can.

Wishing you a great month of November and a Thanksgiving filled with family, food and fun.