Magnificant Monday!

Today, we awoke to sunshine and birdsong. We feasted on cereal, cornbread, yogurt, and nectarines for breakfast. A regular morning schedule followed. Dinner was chicken parm, spaghetti, bread, and salad, with frozen juice pops for dessert.

We had an exciting afternoon, due to a special program! After Rest Hour and General Swim, two guests came to Asto Wamah to teach us about birds of prey. They work in wildlife rehabilitation, and they brought with them some of their healing birds. We got to see a falcon, a red-tailed hawk, a baby screech owl, and a barn owl. We learned a lot, and the campers really enjoyed the show!

Because of the program, we skipped 4th period today. However, we still had Activity Period due to the pressing need to practice talent night skits. Everyone worked together to finalize their acts. Some campers whose skits were done went to activities such as jumping off the tower, aquarium games, and yoga.

Supper was grilled cheese, carrot sticks, and chips, with peach crisp for dessert!

After supper, everyone gathered by the lower lodge (the stage) to watch Talent Night. It was a great evening of performances. Highlights included some funny skits, singing and dancing solos, cabin dances, and a zumba flashmob. In between acts, we had commercial skit breaks. It was a fun night with lots of laughter. We have some really talented campers here at Asto Wamah!

Now, all the campers are fast asleep, getting ready for another fun day tomorrow!

-the Birch Blogger