Track Meet Sunday!

Good evening, blog followers! Today was an exciting day at Camp Asto Wamah--track meet! After a hearty breakfast of French toast, campers spent the morning on the A-field instead of going to their regular morning classes. The morning events included the standing long jump, running long jump, softball throw, and 50-yard dash. Campers, split into green and white teams, competed against other campers in their area of camp--hilltop, lakeside, or seniors. Winners of each event earned points for the green or white team. It was a fun morning, with everyone trying their best and cheering each other on. Once the events were completed, everyone went in the lake for a short General Swim to cool off. Dinner was our traditional track meet meal of ham and noodles, corn, and bread. Dessert was apple turnovers-yum!

Everyone recharged during rest hour, getting ready for an active afternoon. Following rest hour, campers had the option of running the "marathon," a race starting at the A-field and going down part of the camp road, finishing in front of cabin 5 for a total of about at half mile. Lots of fast runners showed up for the challenge! Several campers tied with their friends on purpose, holding hands across the finish line, a good way to give everyone a chance to earn a place! After the run, we had swim races. As with the marathon, campers could choose whether or not they wanted to participate. Many people did, and everyone showed great effort!

Following these races, we had the Indian War Relay. This is a whole-camp relay that starts at the top of the camp road and continues into the lake with boaters and swimmers. Most campers were chosen to be runners-- they relayed the baton down the camp road to the lake, where the rest of the campers--boaters, canoers, and swimmers-- brought it home to main dock. It was a close race, but green team won!

After the relay, everyone checked in for a General Swim, a refreshing way to end the afternoon.  After, campers had a little time in their cabins to plan acts for Talent Night, which is happening tomorrow night! Many cabins are planning group skits, and some individuals are going to sing, dance, or do their own act.

Supper tonight was chicken melts, chips, and pickles, with green-and white-frosted cake for dessert! Campers seem energized by all the activity, and supper was followed by lots of energetic singing--a welcome sound!

Soon, campers will gather for a Round Robbin. They will rotate between activities such as obstacle courses and the bucket brigade (a team relay to carry water). In the spirit of track meet, points will be given to the team to finish their relay first. It is sure to be a lot of fun!


Until tomorrow,

-the Birch Blogger