Session 3 Begins!

Welcome to Girls Camp! Today, we welcomed a fresh new group of campers to Asto Wamah. Campers settled into their cabins, met their counselors and cabin-mates, and said goodbye to their families. Once all campers had arrived, cabin groups took tours of camp, played icebreakers to learn names, and talked about cabin goals. Then, the whole camp met in the council ring for camp rules and expectations, staff and LT introductions, and important information about the waterfront. Once the basic rules had been explained, new campers were the first in the lake as they showed us their swimming skills in order to be classified into swimming levels. Everyone else got their chance to swim afterward, in our first General Swim of the session. Since it was getting close to suppertime, the swim wasn't too long, but it was enough to get everyone cooled off! At 5:45, the cookee bell rang, signaling two designated people from each cabin to come set their table for supper. Each day, campers will switch off between various cabin duties such as cookeeing and disheeing (clearing the table).  At 6, everyone gathered at the flagpole to lower the flag for the night. Starting tomorrow at this time, we will hear the results of cabin inspection--whoever has the cleanest cabin in their area of camp that day.

Supper was our traditional first-night meal-- hot dogs, tater tots, and baked beans, with delicious brownies for dessert. Asto Wamah is known for its good food, and tonight showed new campers that they are in for a real treat with Sue's cooking!

Now, campers are on the A-field for Evening Program, a whole-camp game. Tonight's game is Medical War, a variation of dodgeball. It is sure to be a fun game!

After, campers will sing goodnight songs before heading back to their cabins for bed. Each counselor has selected a book and will read to their cabin to help them fall asleep. We hope everyone gets a good night's sleep before our first full day tomorrow!

Check back tomorrow evening for more updates!

-the Birch Blogger