The Last Day!

Today was our last full day of camp. Everyone made the most of their final time here, working hard in their classes and having fun with their camp friends. While the campers are sad to be leaving camp, they are excited to see their families tomorrow! Breakfast today was French toast with butter and syrup-yum! After breakfast, we had our usual morning of cabin cleanup, camp duties, and classes. Any swimmers and boaters who had not yet passed found out today whether or not they would move to the next level. In Arts and Crafts, campers finished their projects- they made so many wonderful things this session!

Dinner was Texas casserole- a dish of rice, tomatoes, and meat, with a side of salad. Dessert was vanilla pudding with whipped cream!

The afternoon schedule ran as usual, with the exception of an exciting Activity Period. Many campers were chosen for a Pirates battle on the lake! They went out in Sunfish, our smaller sailboats, versus the Hunter, our big sailboat. In addition to this battle, many campers who had just passed into advanced boating or canoeing took advantage of their new privilege and took a boat out alone or with friends. Newly passed level 4 swimmers got to take their first jumps off the tower! Other campers played in the Wamah Bowl, a football game on the A-field with LTs and staff. Despite the heat, they had a fun game!

Supper was pulled pork, carrot sticks, applesauce, and chips, in addition to many glasses of water- everyone is doing a great job staying hydrated! Dessert was peach crisp- delicious!

Now, campers are beginning to clean their clotheslines and cabins, putting anything they won't need tonight into their trunks and laundry bags. Once they are done, we will be ready for our traditional last-night Campfire. The only difference is that there will be no fire-it's too hot! However, there will still be s'mores, oven-baked, and campers will still gather in the council ring to sing songs and receive boating, swimming, track meet, and archery awards. After, we will all gather in the lodge to watch a slide show of photos from the session. It is always nice to look back and remember all that has happened in the two weeks.

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Please come between 8:30 and 10.

Thanks for reading the Birch Blog!