March Update

Dear Asto Wamah Birch Blog Followers,

     Thank you for staying in touch with Camp by checking in with the Birch Blog at the start of each Month.   I have to say that this last month at Asto Wamah has been VERY busy.  It’s all about preparing for the 107th camping season.

     The 2016 Camp Brochure was mailed to everyone on our mailing list on February 1.  Applications started to stream in right away.  Each day brings another batch.  It is very exciting to see the number of returning campers as well as new campers.  This year we asked first year campers to tell us who had told them about Asto Wamah.  Those people who have been successful in spreading the word will receive a special T-shirt to recognize their efforts on behalf of Camp.  It is not too late for others to receive an "Award" T-shirt.   Just tell a friend or neighbor or relative about camp.  If they sign up, you get a T-shirt!  There are still openings in every session.

     February is also the month when staff hiring takes place.  Staff applications have been arriving in large number since early December so we have a great pool of seasoned staff and recently graduated LTs to fill the many jobs of counselor and kitchen help.  I am very excited about the talents and enthusiasm these young adults will bring to every session this summer.

     Even though it is only March 1,  plans are already being made to upgrade the tennis court and include Pickleball lines.  We are also hoping that the Gaga Pit will provide campers with a new free time activity that has proven to be popular in many camp settings.  Other new and exciting program options are being discussed and will be shared with you in the next few months.  Stay tuned :)

     Today at camp I saw a Yellow Crocus popping through the ground and a tree in bud.  It is clear that summer cannot be far behind.  Hoping each day brings you more vivid and warm memories of Asto Wamah!