February Update

Thank you for connecting back with Asto Wamah.

January was a busy month.  On the 9th, about 80 of us participated in the Camp Reunion in Hartford for an afternoon of fun and laughter.  The format was very different this year (of course we had ice cream).  The program was kicked off with a hilarious skit that was presented by the staff and written by Drew.  Instead of the usual entertainment, we divided into small groups and tested our skills with 13 Minute to Win It games.  The two hours flew by. Everyone enjoyed the games and the opportunity to connect with so many summer friends.  I send a big THANK YOU to all who were there and especially to the great group of staff who succeeded in running the activities flawlessly.  I have included a picture from the Reunion.

Also included are some pictures I took on January 25th.  You can see that the snow was not particularly deep at camp.  How about the chunks stuck in the bush outside the kitchen window?  Looks like a flowering shrub!  The other two shots give you an idea of what Columbia Lake looks like when the water is drawn down for the winter.  I imagine it won’t be long before the lake is iced over, but at this time there are still open areas in the middle.  No skating yet!

For the past month I have been collecting the names and addresses of those who would like to receive the 2016 camp brochure in the Feb. 1st mailing.  Thank you to all who have sent me the names of prospective campers.  Spreading the word is a very important component of Camp’s ability to grow and prosper.

Plans are well underway for the new camp season at Asto Wamah with some new and exciting programming options.  We are looking to include some musical opportunities, nature activities and sports and games additions.  Stay tuned for more details in the months ahead.

The application/brochure will be mailed on Monday, 2/1.  If you haven’t received yours by 2/5, let me know so I can send another one.  We are hoping that Asto Wamah will be a part of your summer schedule in 2016 and you are looking forward to:

  • making new friends and renewing former friendships,
  • strengthening  your comfort level of independence,
  • being a part of a caring, inclusive, and respectful community, and
  • working as a team in all aspects of camp life.

Hope you will join us for a fun, challenging, and awesome experience!

Take care, stay well, and don’t forget to send in your application!!

Nancy Maclean