Day 2 of Camp

This morning we were already starting off to another hot day at camp. For breakfast we had delicious cinnamon bread and hot cocoa. The morning moved fast as the campers were ready to get in the water. 

The first three periods went by smoothly as campers anticipated lunch! Lunch was ravioli, baguettes, and a salad on the side! For dessert we had chocolate pudding! Today general swim was a real treat! This was a great way for our campers to cool down! Everyone went in the water and had fun. Hilltop sports class even had the opportunity to get in the water today to play games! 

For dinner we had cheese steak and peppers and a side of carrots! This meal was gobbled up quickly, as campers eagerly prepared for evening program. Tonight's game is Garbage Collector! This game is a combination of soccer and basketball. The campers are split into two teams and their objective is to score in the other team's bucket to score points. This game is a camp favorite among campers and staff! 

Until Tomorrow,