Day 3

This morning we were in for a treat: French Toast!! Our morning classes went smoothly as usual, campers are already adjusted to the routine of camp. Many are looking forward to improving their skills in all of their classes!

For dinner we had meatloaf with potatoes and a side of green beans! This meal was a favorite among the boys! After rest hour they had a much needed general swim. Today we had a special guest come to camp to offer yoga to those interested. 

For supper we had personal pizzas and salad, followed by churros for dessert. However, tonight we were greeted by some unexpected rain. That didn't change the campers attitudes!

Tonight for evening program we are about to play a camp favorite of Spies and Smugglers! This is a camp-wide game of tag, where the teams take turns "smuggling" points to the a-field. The campers are especially excited to play because they expected to have to play games inside due to rain, but luckily the weather cleared up just in time for the game!

Everyone is expected to sleep well tonight after such a busy day!

Until Tomorrow,

Amanda and Sloane