To start this busy day, we had bagels and cereal for breakfast and went right into cabin cleanup. Since tomorrow we have to take the boats out of the water for storage, today was the last day for campers to prove to their teachers their abilities in boating, canoeing, and sailing classes! An overwhelming amount passed into the next level successfully.

For lunch we had a variety of sandwich options, including egg salad, tuna, and classic PB and J. After a restful rest hour, we had a general swim where some campers were able to swim in new areas because they passed their swim level earlier in the morning! For fourth period, sports class was able to take advantage of a few of the ropes course elements this morning, including the Whale Watch and the Nitro Swing!

Activity period came around and thanks to a steady breeze, we were able to play Pirates on the water, which is an ongoing battle of our seven Sunfish versus our Hunter. When the boats get near enough to one another, they throw "cannonballs" at one another's sails! It's a fun game to play for all and allows campers the opportunity to get out on the water. 

For supper tonight since it is the second Thursday of the session, we had our last banquet of the summer. Our LTs served stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, turkey, gravy, and other Thanksgiving elements. Once all the tables were cleared, we sang songs and gave year awards to our perspective campers, and have different awards represent how many years they have been at camp for. After everyone had been recognized, we headed outside for our candlelight service. It was too windy to send out the candles on the lake this evening, but it was still just as effective standing in a large circle around the flagpole area. Because of how light is such a universal symbol, this is a beautiful sight and meaningful experience that brings everyone together.

After a last successful banquet of the season, we are all looking forward to one last full day tomorrow here at Camp Asto Wamah!

-Shannon and Sloane