Our Last Wednesday

Today starts the whirlwind that is the last few days of a session, and in this case, the last few days of the summer.  

Today started with corn bread for breakfast, which is a camp favorite.  Swimmers who are in advanced levels had the opportunity to swim to Frog Island- a half-mile round trip- and they couldn't have had a better day for it!  About 12 swimmers went, and although they were tired, they felt accomplished.  Lunch was meatballs and gravy with mashed potatoes, with a special dessert treat- cherry vanilla cake.  

Tonight was eat-out, so cabins ate their custom made sandwiches all over camp!  Eat out is always a fun chance to bond, sing, and just have a relaxed meal.  Evening Program was Step It Up, a game where campers have to play mini games to win "beans" which keep their teams "robot" moving from a starting location back to the A-Field.  It is a game of organized chaos, where everyone has something to contribute!  It's a newer addition to our array of games, but campers love it!  

This session continues to fly by- tomorrow is banquet already, Friday brings campfire, and before we know it Saturday morning will be here.  In the meantime we will keep making memories and having all the fun we can!