October Camp Update

Dear Campers, Staff, Parents, Friends and Followers Young and Old,

            Since I last wrote, there have been some noticeable changes at Asto Wamah. The woodland remains very quiet and peaceful with squirrels, chipmunks and some turkeys enjoying the calm.  The days, in addition to being shorter, are somewhat cooler.  Although most of the leaves at Asto Wamah are still hanging strong, the woods appear to be a bit thinner.  You can now see through the greenery more easily.   There is very little ‘autumn’ color, still mostly green. 

            One expected change that comes with this new season is the depth of Columbia Lake.  In order to protect docks and stonewalls, the lake is lower about 6 feet at this time.  The picture I have included this month is of a rock that is off the right side of Little Dipper dock.  When the lake is full (as in summer) the rock is pretty much covered with water.  You can see that now a good part of the rock is above the waterline.  I will help you follow the status of Columbia Lake by posting a picture of this same rock each month.  Within 6 weeks there will be no water near it.  At that time, lots of rocks that we don’t usually think about will be evident.

            The 2016 photos have just been posted on the camp web site!  Hope looking at them will bring back happy and treasured memories of fun and friends.  October seems to be a busy month filled with holidays and days off from school.  Of course the most exciting day is Halloween.  Hope yours is filled with lots of spookiness  and candy!

            May this new month offer you lots of opportunities to put others first and to do good deeds. 

Thinking fondly of all of you,