Day 12 - Banquet

The last Thursday of the session is a very important one here at Camp Asto Wamah, it's banquet night! The schedule runs as normal, just with an emphasis on trying to get a shower in today, as everyone attempts to look their best for this evenings Thanksgiving-style supper. Turkey, stuffing, gravy - you name it, it's on tonights menu! Campers got dressed in their cleanest, green and white outfits, and we all piled into the main room in the upper lodge to eat together. 

After enjoying ice cream, chocolate caramel crunch or cookie dough, it was time for the much anticipated slide show. Pictures from track and field day, general swim, and other various activities at camp made an appearance. As well as old throw back pictures of staff, LT's and campers! Charlotte and Gina lead us in songs that we hadn't gotten the chance to sing all session, as well as a few fan favorites. Then came time for year awards. First years get a green hat, so make sure to ask your new campers to try them on for you when they get home! 

Candle light is how we wrap up banquet, with each cabin counselor choosing one camper to read a short passage. During this, everyone gets an individual candle, which gets lit and placed into the lake. At the end, after everyone at camp has placed their candle into the lake, we sing good night songs and watch as the candles float away. Now, campers are off to get ready for bed, silently, as there is no more talking tonight. Giving time for campers to reflect on this session overall.

Until tomorrow, for camp fire and the final full day at Wamah!