Day 11 - Talent Night!

This morning was a rare morning at Camp Asto Wamah, we slept in for a WHOLE HOUR!!! Some campers were thrilled, others chose to use it as a time to read or write letters, and the counselors for sure used it as time for more sleep! Cabin clean up time was cut a little short because of it, but the campers still managed to have the cabins looking fabulous before first period rang. 

Classes went on as normal, with an even greater focus on learning new skills as this session is nearly over! Sailers, swimmers, and boaters all enjoyed the water today, as well as the hot sun. Dinner, our noon time meal ended with a perfect treat for this hot and sunny day, ice cream! Then campers were off to rest hour before cooling down in general swim. 

Tonights evening program has been in the works for a few days, talent night! There were skits, comedy acts, singers/dancers and even a few magicians. Many of the cabins even chose to come together and create a group skit, which was awesome to see. After enjoying grapes for snack, its off to read more of the cabins book and get ready for bed!

Until tomorrow,