Days 12 and 13

Good morning everyone, yesterday was a busy day here at camp. We had normally scheduled classes until the evening when we played a camp-wide game of non stop cricket. Yesterday was the camp's traditional Banquet! This is our supper and evening program mixed into one. Our night takes place in the main dining hall of the lodge. Guests from outside of camp also come to partake in our night. We even had the minister of Center Church as a guest. We enjoy a Thanksgiving style meal (Turkey, potatoes, and all the fixings) followed by ice cream. The campers also received their year awards at this event. These awards are given each year to recognize the number of summers a camper has come to camp. To finish our night we have a candle light reading. This is a reflective period, where campers have the chance to remember their two weeks here at camp. 

Today for breakfast we had chocolate chip bread and orange juice and hot cocoa. Following breakfast campers are beginning to pack their belongings up for pick up tomorrow. Pick up tomorrow is between 8:30am- 9:30am. Today campers will begin to test in classes to see if their skills have improved to move on to the next level. Tonight the campers will be in for a treat. Tonight is Camp Fire! This is where the camp comes together as a whole to sing songs and receive awards. 

Until next session,