Day 11

For breakfast this morning, we served cornbread and cereals! In place of first period, level 6 and above swimmers were able to participate in the much anticipated "Frog Island" swim! The campers were followed closely by lifeguards and row boats, as they swam their way to the shallow 'island' of Colombia lake. Many of them choose to take a famous "Frog Island" rock back with them as well!

Dinner, our noontime meal but called dinner as it is our largest meal here at camp, was the famous shepard's pie! Deb, our arts and crafts director, was able to bring two young pigs to visit camp today. Rather than wasting left over food, here at camp, we put everything into the 'pig bucket' and it goes on to feed these very same pigs! Campers got to enjoy petting and even bottle feedings these cute 6 week old piglets just before rest hour began. 

Supper this evening was eat out, meaning cabin counselors picked up their picnic baskets and took off to various places around camp, such as Cook's dock, the gazebo and the counselor ring. "Bug juice" (camp slang for lemonade) and cookies were a great addition to the PB&J's and turkey sandwiches. 

Todays supper was important as it was the last opportunity for Birch Barker submissions. The Birch Barker is our camp newsletter that goes out during banquet, which is tomorrow! 

This evening program will be "Murder by Night". This game is a giant, camp wide version of the popular board game Clue. Campers go around in groups quizzing counselors about their "alibis" and trying to figure out who did it. Shhhh - this time Olivia was 'killed'!

Stay tuned for the excitement banquet brings tomorrow, our Thanksgiving styled supper!

Until tomorrow,

Sloane and Gillian