August 2, 2017

For breakfast yesterday morning, we had some delicious chocolate chip bread and cereal! Following cabin cleanup, campers headed to their first classes of the day for sports, arts and crafts, and swimming.

In the afternoon, we had baked ziti for lunch which is definitely a camp favorite! Due to some ominous clouds and distant thunder during rest hour, there was a slight change in the afternoon schedule for the day.

After rest hour we went right into fourth period followed by a quick dip instead of a general swim. We were short on time because we had a special musical guest come to teach us about musical instruments from all over the world!

Usually on Wednesdays we have eat-out at camp, where instead of eating supper in the lodge we go to various places around camp for a change in scenery. Due to thunderstorms, we had to stay in the lodge instead.

It continued to thunderstorm into the evening, so for evening program we played Reverse Scavenger Hunt indoors. This is a game involving mini skits acted out by each cabin, and everyone looks forward to playing it on rainy days at camp!

-Shannon and Sloane