August 3, 2017

Breakfast this morning featured bagels and cereal! Cabin cleanup proved difficult because of the mud tracked into cabins yesterday, but campers went to first period confident in the cleanliness of their cabins.

Most morning classes went on as normal, except sports class stayed in the upper lodge because the field was still wet from yesterday's rain. After a foggy morning, the skies cleared up to be a beautiful day on the lake compared to yesterday!

All water activities took place, including the Hunter being out for the first time this session! For lunch we enjoyed chicken parmesan with sorbet for dessert, then after rest hour everybody went in for a general swim.

Supper featured chicken melts and brownies for dessert, and now everyone is going to the A-field for an evening program of King Dodge! Today's lovely weather was a nice break from the storms from yesterday, and everybody is looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

-Shannon and Sloane