Terrific Tuesday!!

Last night's game of cops and robbers was intense! Staff and campers had a lot of fun running through the woods! Everyone went in for a quick dip and then slept deeply after the busy day. Breakfast this morning was English muffins, bagels, oatmeal, and cereal, with hot chocolate to warm up with! Classes are getting more exciting as the second week nears completion. Level 6 swimmers are working furiously at their butterflies, and some level 3's have already passed into level 4! One of my advanced boaters today got to pass into beginning canoeing!

Dinner/lunch was pork patties, summer squash, and rice. Vegetarians got ravioli! Dessert was chocolate cherry cake-yummy!

As I write, campers are enjoying a refreshing general swim!

After, they will have 4th period and Activity Period as usual, but  then campers will go back to their cabins and get dressed up for a "dress-up supper." The theme is Dreamworks movies, such as Despicable Me, Madagascar, Over the Hedge, and Shrek. Each cabin will pick a movie, get in costume, and perform a skit at flag lowering. It is sure to be creative and hilarious!

Check back tomorrow for more Wamah updates!

-the Birch Blogger