First Session Girls '09- Day 3

It was another gorgeous day here at Camp Asto Wamah. This morning we enjoyed waffles for breakfast and our new campers learned that Asto Wamah tradition is to have peanut butter on our waffles! Yum! We followed our usual class schedule and right now it's activity period. Kids are playing badminton, playing games in the aquarium swimming area and out with counselors on sunfish sailboats. We played board games inside for evening program last night after a sudden sun shower made the A-Field too wet to run on. Hopefully the weather will stay dry tonight so we can get out on the field for a good game of "Capture the Flag."

Supper this evening is tacos but more importantly everyone is excited that our cook, Sue, is making apple crisp for dessert.

All the campers seem to be back in the Wamah swing of things and having a great time.

Abby Cabin 1 Counselor