A Wonderful Wednesday!

Today was a beautiful, cool day. Everyone woke up to a delicious breakfast of French Toast with butter and syrup. We had a regular morning schedule of classes. With only two days left, campers are working hard to perfect the skills they have learned, and teachers are evaluating who will be passing into the next swimming and boating levels. Some canoeing classes practiced what to do in the event of a capsizing; they had fun tipping the boats over and then swimming under them to lift them right side up again. Dinner today was pork patties and mashed potatoes, with vanilla pudding and sprinkles for dessert. Yum!

The air was just cool enough to make Rest Hour nice and relaxing, but warm enough so that everyone could go in for a General Swim after. The water felt great! 4th Period was exciting for seniors' Arts and Crafts today- we did tie dye!! Some girls colored white shirts, while others did "reverse tie dye" on colored shirts with bleach. It was a lot of fun!

Activity Period today included jumping off the tower, badminton, board games in the lodge, and learning how to make hair wraps!

We had an Eat Out supper tonight! Campers made sandwiches to take with them, and cabins went to various locations around camp, such as docks, to eat their picnics.

As I write, campers are gathering on the A-field. We are hoping any passing rain will hold off for our game! Check back tomorrow to find out what we play!

-the Birch Blogger