First Session Girls '09- Day 1

Well it turned out to be a beautiful day on Columbia Lake. The kids arrived this afternoon and although the weather forecast for today wasn't too promising, the sun is out and all the first year campers are in the water for a classification test. They will find out shortly what level of swimming they will be in this summer. After that we will play some games and spend some time getting to know each other. For supper tonight we will enjoy our usual first night meal of hotdogs, tator tots and brownies. If the weather holds out we will take to the A-Field for our traditional first evening program, Medical War. Although not to worry if a storm heads our way. Our Alternate Director, Drew, has enough inside games planned to last us the whole session if necessary ("knock on wood.") Tomorrow begins a normal daily schedule filled with fun activities for the campers and we are all very excited for it!

Abby Cabin 1 Counselor