Track Meet!!!

Today was our yearly all-day event.... Track Meet!  Today is a different schedule then normal, and campers are split into Green and White teams, and compete in events like Standing Jump, Long Jump, Softball Throw, a 50 Yard Dash, a "Marathon", and Swim Races.  Luckily, Track Meet usually entails a morning General Swim, and we sure needed it today, because it was hot!  

Some of the events take place after lunch, including the Wamah Triathlon.  This event involves every camper, and most staff, and takes participants from the very top of the camp road, onto the lake, back onto land at Hungerford, and a grand finale finish in the water.  Some people run, some people swim, some people are in boats and canoes- and everyone gets to watch the final leg, of a longer distance swim.  Special thanks to Drew who orchestrates the whole thing, because its an important tradiaional event here at Asto Wamah.  

We had our usual ham and noodles for lunch, and dinner was "pick-up"- the all camp version of leftover night at home.  It is one of my favorites, because you get to eat a variety of items all at once!  We of course had green and white cake to finish off supper.  

Campers are off to bed now, and just finished some team relay games, which are always fun.  These included Dizzy Lizzy, a soccer ball dribble, a Relay Race, and more.  It's a fun, silly way to end the day.  We were so lucky with today's weather, and as we look into the forecast and hear about the heat that is to come, we always try to remember how lucky we are here at Asto Wamah to have beautiful Columbia Lake to go in!