Day 7- A rainy start, but a beautiful end!

Today started out rainy, with indoor games instead of regular activities.  Sports class played a hilarious game that involved acting, guessing, and most of all... laughing!  Swim classes played Scattergories and Charades, and Boating classes played Smallcraft Jeopardy.  Before we had a slightly longer Rest Hour, we all had the fan-favorite lasagna!  It was the perfect day for it, with the drizzle and clouds.  The afternoon brought a Sing-off, but by 4th period the sun was out, so boats were able to go out!  Activity Period was full of fishermen, girls jumping off the tower, ukulele playing, as well as plenty of boating practice.  

This evening was Eat Out, with hot dogs, potato chips, and the fixings, and we were lucky enough to be able to eat outside!  Evening Program was my own personal favorite game ever.... King Dodge (although some of the girls requested that we call it the appropriate Queen Dodge instead!) Tomorrow is our traditional Track Meet, so we hope that everyone gets a lot of rest!