The Fun Continues

Today we woke up bright and early to a beautiful Monday morning on the shore of Columbia Lake. As promised, we all enjoyed a delicious breakfast of cornbread and cereal. Believe it or not, campers and counselors alike then cleaned the cabins and helped out with various camp duties, such as sweeping the lodge and bailing boats. Campers were eager to begin swimming, boating, sports, and arts and craft. For our big meal of the day, we scarfed down as many helpings as we could of ravioli (garnished with parmesan cheese), French baguettes, and cucumber slices, with Italian Ice for dessert. After an exciting morning, campers looked forward  to Rest Hour to nap, write letters, read books, or partake in any other silent activity. Feeling refreshed, everyone made their way down to the lake for a general swim. The water was beautiful and warm.

Various activities were offered during the campers' free period, known as Activity Period. Water polo, soccer, and jumping off the tower were a few of the popular options. Hungry from all the activities, we enjoyed chicken fajitas and vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. Before I sign off, I will share with you something the campers do not yet know: Evening Program tonight will be an intense game of Capture the Flag.

Check back tomorrow, same time, same place, for more updates!

-the Birth Blogger