Coed Day 3 and 4 2012

Tuesday night we had a fun-filled evening.  For evening program the campers enjoyed a camp favorite capture the flag on the athletic field.  They then went down to the upper lodge to enjoy a music program given by Dennis Waring who kept everyone mesmerized with his performance.  Nature classes are using some of his ideas to make their own musical instruments. The campers had a fantastic Fourth of July.  We had regular morning classes with swimming, boating, sports and arts and crafts.  For the mid-day meal the campers enjoyed ham and noodles.  At night time the campers packed picnic baskets with their cabin and found a site around camp to eat.  The campers all came back to the lodge to make an icecream sundae for dessert.  For evening program we had a Fourth of July themed carnival with card games, musical chairs and limbo.  We were also able to sit and watch the fireworks display across the lake.

This morning we enjoyed chocolate chip bread and cereal for breakfast.  We had a normal schedule this morning with boating, swimming sports and arts and crafts.  We had ziti, french bread and salad for our mid-day meal.  This afternoon the campers will have fun participating in activities that counselor's have offered such as jumping off the tower, aquarium games, basketball, learning how to hair wrap, and sailing on our sailboat, "The Hunter." We are lucky to be experiencing great weather today!

Until next time.

Emma Tuthill, Cabin Old 6