Coed Day 1 2012

All the campers settled into their cabins yesterday without a problem.  We went over general camp rules and played games to get to know each other as cabin groups.  Unfortunately the weather did not hold out in order to classify every camper so we played some games in the lodge until we were able to go outside again and continue with classification while other campers played knock hockey, ping pong and teatherball.  Our evening meal was hot dogs, tater tots, carrots, and pickles with delectable brownies for desert.  With the weather still holding out we headed up to the athletic field for a camp wide game of medical war.  All of the campers really enjoyed the night game as a whole camp.  Following the game we sang some songs and went in for a quick dip before bed time.  Taps blew while all campers were in bed.  Following taps the cabin counselors read a book that was chosen by the campers.  The cool breeze last night helped all of the campers to sleep peacefully. The first bell rang at 7:30 A.M. (although many campers were up and ready to begin the day much earlier).  We had cereal and french toast for breakfast with some orange juice and hot chocolate.  We began our day by cleaning up the camp by fulfilling cabin duties such as cleaning the cabins, bailing the boats, and sweeping the lodge.  The morning ran smoothly with morning classes following classification such as swimming, a fun game of nuccum on the athletic field, and origami and baskets during arts and crafts.  For our mid-day meal we had meatballs, mashed potatoes, and carrots followed by chocolate pudding with whipped cream.  Following dinner the campers had a chance to go over to the store and buy candy or anything else they might need such as toothpaste, a flashlight, or stamps.  All the campers spent a relaxing hour on their bunks after store reading books, writing letters home, or engaging in any other silent activities.  We heard a little bit of thunder after rest hour today so we will put off the swim until after fourth period today.

As a staff we are happy to have all of the campers here at Camp Asto Wamah for the first session of summer 2012.  They are all enthusiastic and respectable young boys and girls and we are looking forward to a successful session!

Emma Tuthill, Cabin Old 6